THE MADUATE is a satirical coming-of-age story that is sure to become an emotional touchstone for an entire generation.  Late on a Friday night, following a very successful fundraiser, a young man, Vafa, is pulled in myriad directions by friends during a spirited game of charades. Written by Elham, the movie title of "The Graduate" soon becomes a source of confusion for the small group of friends playing this game.  Andrew who earlier in the evening had won 125 gum balls soon became the early star of the game with his running back and forth and inexplicable hand gestures.  Soon it was Vafa’s turn to convey to his group through gestures and movements the movie title he had selected.  Ingeniously he started with the third syllable and gestured that it sounded like the number eight…he then moved to the second syllable and pointed to his group and they guessed “you”…it then came to the first syllable where he gestured a mad face…this is where the evening unravelled into a moments of insanity that could only be brought upon by the innocence of youth, lack of sleep, and too many gum balls.  Andisheh, took the lead for the group and yelled The Maduate over and over again hoping that it would eventually be the correct answer. She then moved to Baduate, Caduate, Faduate, then inexplicably back to The Maduate.  The group also made up of siblings Arash and Jaleh, entered into this vicious circle which led to an uncontrollable scene of mad laughter. Members of the other group, Philippe, who earlier in the evening had his facial hair removed, and Homa and Sahba were also affected by this and joined in the uncontrollable laugh attacks.  Martin who slept through the whole ordeal was untouched by this late night lunacy. 

With its striking cinematography and clever editing, THE MADUATE establishes More Nonsense Productions as a force to be reckoned with. The film also makes stars out of the young ten new comers, who all give an outstanding portrayal of what lack of sleep can do.  The film's impact on popular culture will only be measured with time.  The soundtrack by Simon and Garfunkel with their hit song “The Sound of Nonsense” will no doubt have a lasting impression for months and years to come.


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